Strong Parents

Being a parent takes strength, we’ve all heard it and know it as truth, but what about when I’m not? I feel like I think on this frequently!

Most recently I have been given some information on our oldest son and this information is requiring my husband and I to make some big decisions. These decisions are hard, and scary, and full of “what if”. I struggle a lot feeling strong enough to make these kinds of decisions! SO MUCH PRESSURE!! What if we make the wrong decision? What if the decision we make makes him struggle harder than he needs to? However, what if the decision we make is the one that spurs him on to work harder than he has ever before? What if the decision we make builds up his heart in big ways? What if the decision we make turns out being a foundational decision that his character is built upon? Parenting is hard and it does take strength.

Scripture says that God doesn’t give us more than we can handle, so I choose to believe that. I choose to believe that He sees me as capable to make these foundational decisions with our kids. I choose to believe that He is guiding us and giving us the information that we need to make these decisions.

I love that He is so faithful to give me the strength when I feel so weak. I love that He gives us people to help spur on our strength! I am reminded of Moses in Exodus when he was too weak to hold up his hands, he had Aaron and Hur to hold up his hands (Exodus 17:12). I am thankful for my “Aaron and Hur” in my life to come along side and help hold my hands up!  What a beautiful blessing and picture that our God has painted for us! We are only strong in Him and through Him and when we band together we are unstoppable in His name!


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