Self care…Its really a thing!

We have all been there. Favorite T, roomy sweatpants, rockin’ the “top knot” (sounds better than “I didn’t brush my hair today”). Mom life as most of us have come to know it as! I will be the first to admit that I have let my “mom life” take over!  I do good to swipe on some mascara before jetting out the door!

Thinking about “strong” as my February word, I don’t know if I have made the choice to be strong in the area of self care. I have given into the top knot like my life depends on it!  Working out hasn’t been huge on my priorities and make up only happens of Sundays!




Today I choose to take this scripture to heart. I choose to believe this truth that I am daily made strong in Him.

Here are some of my favorite go-to’s…

1- WATER!!

I drink a ton of water. Add a bit of lemon and I am off to a great start! I have my favorite water bottle that lets me really measure my water intake, make water fun however works best for you!

2- Fix my hair.

This one may sound silly, especially coming from the hairdresser, but I have to be intentional about fixing my hair. I spend a lot of time fixing other people hair that fixing my own gets put on the back burner. I wash my hair every day, my favorite shampoo & conditioner is Pureology – Hydrating. I buy that stuff by the liter and usually without kelly around! I am not sure if his heart could handle the price tag that comes with that one, but I love it sooooo much!

3- Upgraded my face wash.

Im sure you have all see by now that I have stared using and selling Rodan and Fields products. I am not a big sales person but I am a big “if it works, Im in” person. I have been watching R&F for about a year now and finally decided to go for it. I chose this company because it works. I did not get into this for the business part of it but if it comes, wonderful. I chose to do this because I believe that self care is a thing. I do believe in investing in myself. Weather it be in the form of face wash, or workouts, or better eating, or writing. I do not want to look back when I am in my 50’s and regret not investing in myself sooner.

4- Writing

Part of self care for me is writing. So there may only be a few people following my blog, thats ok because its more for me anyway! My soul needs it. My brain needs it. Maybe one of my followers needs it. Its refreshing for me. It is also a challenge! How often does a mom of 3 get time to sit and write? Or read? Or put on makeup?! Choosing to have my blog puts an accountability on my heart, which in turn puts an intentionality for my time.

The last thing I want to touch base on is this…

5- Jesus

Jesus is the constant. I know that no matter the chaos that surrounds me, He is constant. All I have to do to get my self out of a funk is to spend a little time with Him. That saying “Turn on some gansta rap and get stuff done” usually plays out in our house as some turned up Tedashii and laundry! There is just something so encouraging when the music is blasting and Jesus is in the house! Its hard for the enemy to whisper lies when Tedashii is praising the Lord at 72 on the TV volume! I just can’t help but bust a white girl move when I get pumped with the Holy Spirit!

So there you have it, some of my practical self care favorites! Its a thing y’all!!




Just in case you are curious about Rodan and Fields, click here for more info!




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