Rethinking “Made in His Image”

God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.

Genesis 1:27

This last week I had a conversation with my husband about skin care of all things. He doesn’t alway understand why I do things differently from him. Like face wash, he can wash his face with a bar of soap and be just fine…I can’t. By nature, my skin is softer and more delicate, so I need different things for my face. Eventually he wrapped me in his arms and said “I am the rough and tough and smelly part of God’s image, you are the soft and delicate and radiant part of God’s image. Buy your silly face wash!”

That thought spurred on some more thinking for me. Being made in His image means that God is part delicate too. He is strong but also soft and gentle. I like that about Him.

Taking my thinking a bit further, as a women I want to be pursued. I crave love from my husband and family. I desire to be desired. I love feeling needed and important. I love being seen and embraced. So if I am made in His image, I bet He has these same desires!

I bet that He longs for us to pursue Him, to desire Him, to see Him in our lives. I bet He loves the feeling of being needed and important too.

I serve a God who is rough and tough and maybe smelly (I’m sure Jesus needed a shower from time to time!) but also a soft and gentle God. A Father who has desires from us, His children. My prayer tonight is to wake with a deeper desire for Him. To have a pursuit of Him that goes the distance.

I also know that this is not a new thought, this is just where He has taken my heart in the life long pursuit of Him and His grace.

Also, this is day 3 of my new fancy face wash and I’m kind of loving it a lot! Sometimes its the little things, like soap, that makes a girl happy!

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