Strength weakness

One thing I have always loved is how faithful our Father is to answer my questions!

Almost nine years ago we had two miscarriages and last year I started praying that He would reveal the gender of our sweet babes. He did! We have one little boy and one little girl with angel wings that soar the heavens! I can’t wait to meet these sweet angels! Fast forward to now and He is still just as faithful!

February’s word- strength. At first I thought  this was a little cliche and probably just me thinking and it wasn’t really from Him. Well it wasn’t! He continued to put tasks-people-things-opporunities in front of me that required strength. Heres the kicker, in just about all of these things I was so weak!! Weakness that honestly bugged me. I am stronger than that…right? Nope. I cried when I cleaned up the same mess that I just cleaned twenty minute ago. I cried through parent teacher conferences. I cried through church. It seemed like every time I turned around I was a weepy mess!

I was being shown that I am weak with out Him. Its a fact that I know as truth but really embracing that weakness was needed. Isaiah 40:29 says

“He gives strength to the weary. And to him who lacks might He increases power.”

I love that our Lord sees our weakness and says “I got this!” How precious is that?!? I love that He gives us strength to get through life and is there to pick us up when we fail. What a  strong Father we have who is gracious to stand for us when we can’t.

Also, check out where I live!! Goodness I love this place!!


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